Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rolly's Thai Roll Ice Cream

I have been watching videos about this particular dessert that is happening right now, the roll ice cream. Some refer to as as fried ice cream, but I don't see any frying action happening in the making, as it was merely the action of turning liquid cream and milk mixture into frozen dessert by using a super cold pan.

After watching several videos, I can conclude that this dessert derives from Thailand. It's a good thing they already have it here in Jakarta, Indonesia, so I don't have to bother buying airplane tickets to go to Thailand so that I can get my hands on these babies.

Rolly's Thai Roll Ice Cream is the name of the roll ice cream parlor. They set up a booth at Kuningan City for the local citizen to try, and I was very lucky to have my dorm mate, Anggita, with me that day to have my very first ice cream rolls. 

There were four choices of cream for the base of your ice cream rolls and numerous toppings to go with. I went for the Vanilla, while Anggita chose to have yogurt as the base for her frozen treat. Each flavor costs vary, yet it is not that expensive as it ranges from Rp 25.000,00 to Rp 29.000,00. The first three toppings were free, but any additional toppings will cost you another Rp 3.000,00. Very friendly price range for an imported dessert idea, don't you think?

What appeals to the consumer is how the ice cream was made. At first, it was only a mixture of milk and whipped cream, added with the three toppings that you chose. Then, the mixture was poured on this super super cold ice pan and the ice cream man would do some super fast chopping action of the whole ice cream mixture on the ice pan. The next thing you know, the mixture starts to freeze and voila! your ice cream rolls are ready! Here's a video incase you still haven't get the idea..

I had me a Vanilla ice cream, with Oreos, almonds, and bananas while Anggita had a frozen yogurt with strawberries and marshmallow. The ice cream was heavy as it was merely a mixture of milk and whipped cream for its' ingredients. Very milky and creamy, and it tasted like how Vanilla ice cream would taste, with a hint of my free three toppings. Anggita's frozen yogurt was also very creamy and heavy, yet it had this hint of sourness from the strawberries.

Overall, my first ice cream rolls experience was nice. Delicious dessert, unique first-timing experiences, not to mention budget friendly!

Rolly's Thai Ice Cream
Kuningan City, Level 3
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio
Kuningan, Jakarta