Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lunch at Bern's

So, I was at Bern's house for lunch this afternoon. Not that it was planned though. I came to his house this morning to pick him up, as I was in need of a companion to go to my other best friend's house to pick up something that she bought for me from Australia. We were going to head over somewhere for some coffee afterwards, but we ended up heading back home to cook something for lunch. 

Bern was going to make some omelette before his grandma took over the kitchen and decided to make some toast. "I just learned this simple recipe," she said, "I'm going to make you a delicious toast!" 

First, she took a loaf of bread and carefully flattened its' center by using a spoon - making the center of the loaf and the bread crust have a slight height difference. Then, crack an egg and pour it on the loaf. You will get this image of a loaf containing an egg like how bowls and plates would do. 

Me making my share of toast

I cracked that egg good

Grate some generous amount of cheese and put it on the sides of the loaf. "Why not put it on top of the egg," I asked Oma (That's how I call Bernhard's grandma, in Dutch). "This is so that the egg will cooked when you put it inside the oven later," she replied. Then she add a little bit of salt and pepper to give some flavor to the toast. 

You can definitely add other toppings as well, such as smoked beef and bacon. Go ahead and add some greens to make the toast even prettier and more delicious. The toppings may vary and your imagination is the limit.

Put some cheese on it

Add a bit of salt and pepper

When the toast was well garnished with toppings, Oma put them in an oven and let them sit for 10 minutes. When they were well toast, Oma took the tray out and serve them on a plate. The mouth watering smell of the crispy golden brown toast and cooked egg filled the room in a snap of a finger. 

It was a very simple recipe, not to mention delicious. My toast was crispy and warm, the cheese melted nicely on top and blended well with the egg. Oma put just the right amount of salt and pepper to my toast as it was not overly salty.

So, yeah, that was my deliciously random and unplanned lunch. For those who would like to try and follow the recipe, be my guest. Who knows, you might end up with an even more delicious set of toast, topped with the toppings to your liking. Cheers!

Put it in an oven for around 10 minutes


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