Thursday, September 24, 2015

Milka with Whole Hazelnut

Mom just got back from Doha, Qatar, and she brought back a bunch of Milka chocolate bar - and by "a bunch" I meant lots and lots of flavors, woohoo! 

One of them is this Milka with Whole Hazelnuts chocolate bar. Very simple and handy wrapping. The green ribbon gave a little twist to the dominant purple color trademark of Milka chocolate bar. As usual, on the back of the wrapping was written a simple "tear here" to help us unwrap the nicely enveloped chocolate in the simplest way possible, and I give a plus point for that.

The chocolate was slightly gooey as I took the liberty to defrost it beforehand, because I like my chocolate in room temperature. Very smooth and tender texture, yet still chewable and slightly gooey, the milk chocolate was decorated with a rather generous amount of hazelnuts. Like, literary, hazelnut galore in every bite!

The combination of the sweet milk chocolate and the nutty hazelnut was nice and well balanced, making the sweet treat not overflowed with sweetness like the previous Milka chocolate bar that I had, which is the Milka & Oreo Chocolate Bar. On the other hand, as delicious as the milk chocolate can be, there was no kick whatsoever as it was a mere chocolate bar with nuts. It was still a good Milka chocolate bar though, but just not my favorite. 

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