Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Milka Choco & Biscuit

This is my second favorite Milka chocolate bar after the Milka & Oreo chocolate bar, yet. The physical appearance of the chocolate bar is slightly different than those Milka chocolate bar I have eaten before as there were prints of Milka cow on the chocolate bar, making it look hella cuter than it already is. 

The sweet milk chocolate is enveloping a generous amount of vanilla cream and dark chocolate base, sandwiching a rather thick layer of scrumptious biscuit. Its' flavor combination was fun to indulge as it had the sweetness of the milk chocolate, the milky and creamy vanilla cream, the bitterness of the dark chocolate, and the lip-smacking biscuit. 

I'm not into plain chocolate with no toppings, or fillings whatsoever, because it makes me nauseous just eating piles and piles of sweet chocolaty goo. It's a good thing the biscuit was evenly spread along the chocolate, there for I got something to chew in every bite.  

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