Sunday, November 27, 2016

A&W's Choco Fondant Dessert

A few while ago, I got a special delivery from one of Jakarta's famous fast food restaurant ever existed. No, it's not rumah makan padang - although I have to say that a rumah makan padang deserves a two thumbs up for their super quick and delicious meal - it's from A&W, woohoo!

The packet was wrapped in plastic covers and it got a cute ribbon on top. Inside was ten of A&W's soon-to-be released menu (which you all can now find and enjoy at the restaurant because they have published the dessert already) of chocolate dessert. There were two kinds, one was the Choco Fondant: créme de Tiramisu and the other was the Choco Fondant: créme de Matcha.

The instruction was to heat the chocolate dessert in an oven toaster before indulging, so I did the exact thing to both dessert. After a few minutes, I was welcomed with a delicious and mouth watering smell of dark chocolate, yum.

I took a spoonful of the Choco Fondant: créme de Tiramisu and the gooey chocolate tiramisu inside the chocolate fondant didn't ooze out the way a chocolate lava cake would. The cake itself was very floury and somewhat flavorless with a hint of bitterness, but it went quite nice with the sweet chocolate tiramisu mixture. The white chocolate chip on top of the cake didn't say much as they were merely just a decoration.

Next, I tried the créme de Matcha, which was not my favorite compared to the other dessert for its' weird matcha taste. Unlike the gooey chocolate tiramisu mixture, the matcha inside the cake wasn't in a form of liquid but more of a crumbly almond cream like substance. It didn't taste like matcha to say the least. It got the sweet and bitterness of a matcha, but you can definitely tell that it's not a good one. On the one hand, the cake had the same texture as its' sibling and the almond on top didn't do quite much as well.

If I had to choose between these two, I would definitely go for the créme de Tiramisu. But, if I had to choose what dessert I would have from A&W, I would go for the waffles. Period. 

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