Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fat Belly Food Truck's Bulldog

This is one of the most expensive burger I have ever bought in my life, yet I did not regret spending every rupiah that I had on it. It was Fat Belly Food Truck's burger that I had last weekend. I had to order the dish with my Go-Jeg application because I still haven't got any permission from the institution to spend the weekend outside the barrack. It's a good thing that the food truck is only half an hour away as it is regularly peddles its' black-bun burgers at Lippo Karawaci.

I took the liberty to browse the menu on the Go-Jeg application the day before, just so that I can be sure on which dish I was going to have. After spending a few minutes contemplating, I finally decided that I was going to go for the Bulldog. It didn't cross my mind to check the internet on how the burger would look like, but, hey, I don't think some homemade black buns filled with caramelized onion, homemade beef patty, a couple of beef sausage, stripes of beef bacon, a soft fried sunny-side-up, melted cheese, and a glaze of the food truck's special secret sauce could go wrong. 

Boy, my decisions have never been this flawless in my whole entire life. My Bulldog was very beautiful, and it came with some scrumptious homemade french fries and a bottle of water. Despite the fact that the food was brought using a motorcycle, it was not the slightest bit messy. The burger and the whole filling was still intact.

The Bulldog was rather small for a 50K burger. But, it had all kinds of meat with cheese and a sunny-side-up, plus they also threw in some french fries, so it was a nice deal for me. 

I took a big bite of my Fat Belly's black bun burger and, I bullshit you not, I had an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The black bun was fluffy as hell. A bit soggy on the bottom from the sweet and delicious special secret sauce, but I'm not complaining. The combination of the three different meat - the beef bacon, sausage, and the beef patty - with the oozing yolk from the soft fried egg was orgasmic. I particularly love the sweet caramelized onion as it balances the other savory and salty element of the burger. And I don't usually have my burger with the fries, I usually finish one before the other, but combining both in every bite added the extra kick to the flavor burst. Everything just went well together. I couldn't be happier. 

Fellow cadets of STPI, you ought to try this burger once in your weekend. Just quickly open your Go-Jeg app, go to the Go-Food section, scroll down and click on the "Burgers, Sandwiches & Steak" option on the explore tab, search for Fat Belly Food Truck, and get yourself some Bulldogs. If you prefer other dishes that have less meat, you can always go for the Bomber - which I'm going to get sometime in the future if I haven't get out from this hell hole. 

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