Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thai Street's Mango Sticky Rice

A few days ago, I finally reunited with my Junior High besties. They go by the name Icha and Dila. The three of us went to Grand Metropolitan Mall to enjoy a new released movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - the movie itself was very enjoyable to watch, despite the fact that I'm not a fan of star wars and that I had difficulties determining who is on which side.

We had lunch at Red Suki, but I didn't take any pictures as we were too busy enjoying ourselves and catching up with each other, so there will not be any blog post about the amazing deep fried shrimp I had at the Japanese retaurant. But, me and Dila stopped by at this Thailand restaurant named Thai Street while we were waiting for Icha to finish her gym session. We were looking for a hangout spot as we wait, and we happen to crossed the restaurant. Dila had never tasted Thailand food before, so I just had to grab her arm and pull her to the colorful dining shack.

Dila was very hesitant towards the dessert that I ordered, which is the Mango Sticky Rice. She had her doubt about how mango would go well with sticky rice topped with coconut milk and sprinkles of sesame seed. I personally like it better if it were drizzled by fried mung bean though.

The presentation of the dessert was simple, colorful, and very appealing. It looked similar to the Mango Sticky Rice that I had during my short vacation to Thailand, which was nice. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Thailand mangoes so they used a local mango named harum manis mango instead.

I have to say, even though the dessert taste different than the authentic one in Thailand, it had this Thailand kick in its' bite. Different taste of coconut milk, even though it was nicely sweet and savory at the same time. Similar tasting in terms of sticky rice, both in its' chewy texture and its' sweet aftertaste. As for the mango, it went well with the sticky rice and the coconut milk despite the fact that it is not a Thailand mango.

Turned out, Dila gave the dessert an approve. It may not be her favorite Thailand dish, as it was her first time having Thailand cuisine ever, but it was okay for her. She ended up finishing the mango.  

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