Friday, April 21, 2017

A Wacky Impromptu Birthday Surprise

A few days ago, I threw my man a little surprise on his birthday. Technically, it was a surprise. But, would you call it a surprise if the victim could tell that he was about to get surprised beforehand? I guess not.

I drove to the front of his house street with a present I wrapped myself and a bag of McDonald's a la carté Cheeseburger as his birthday cake. I called him via LINE just to listen to how he was abusing his monitor by playing this new RPG game that he just downloaded. "Do you know how much my Damage Point is," he asked, "one million!"

I have never been good at giving birthday surprises, including this one. As I called, he was about to drive his Mother and his niece to a hospital nearby and I was slightly devastated by how my birthday surprise didn't go according to my plan. I managed to buy some time tho, as I was trying to brainstorm for an impromptu plan B, until he finally said, "Aku jadinya keluar abis shalat ashar." Boom!

"Oke, sekarang ganti baju, jalan kaki ke depan, aku tunggu di parkiran kantor pos, bye," I said to him. I could hear his ungrateful, "Laahhh?!" just before I cut off the line.

Finally, after a ten-minute wait and a quick call from him, making sure that he was about to get a birthday surprise, he came. He had this smug on his face, knowing that he was probably about to get cake allover his face in a matter of minutes. I couldn't contain myself from bursting out this bucketful of nervousness I had contained of wanting to make this surprise a success and it just spilled everywhere.

I brought out the birthday burger, penetrated the "2" and "3" candles into the bun to spell out his age, lit them up, and awkwardly shouting "Happy Birthday!" We both didn't know what to do with ourselves we ended up laughing. It was awkward, a bit cringey in a way, but cute. I handed him the burger, telling him to blow the candle, and he accepted the so-called birthday cake awkwardly as well and requested to be sung "Tiup Lilinnya".

"Make a wish," I told him after an ugly one-woman singing show. He made a wish and blew the candle. We, then, immersed in laughter. Never in my life I pull out a birthday surprise this wacky.

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