Saturday, April 15, 2017

Anti-socializing at Saint Cinnamon

I just found this cozy spot at Saint Cinnamon a few days ago as I waited for my boyfriend to come. It's a corner on the first floor, adjacent to the stairs that will lead you up to some tables that you can occupy on the second floor, and it is quite isolated from the rest of the seat and tables. Yes, I can be quite an anti-social if I want to and that day was it.

I ordered myself a glass of Hot Cocoa, grabbed some magazines that I can read at the cafe, and crashed myself at the hiding corner. I was invisible.. sort of. People came into the cafe, placed their orders, and I overheard them murmured about how they want to sit at the corner spot that I was occupying at that moment. I couldn't help but to giggle, like the crazy person I am, when they were taken aback by the sighting of my legs on the sofa. "Eh, ada orang," they said, shyly walking away. Gold.

I do enjoy the atmosphere at this particular Saint Cinnamon, located at one of the Ruko (Rumah Toko) in Sentra Eropa, Kota Wisata. It is very quiet, unlike other cafes that I have visited before, and rather isolated. There isn't much interaction with the waitresses, which is good when I'm not in the mood to converse with human, and the crowd are not as intense as Starbucks. I could literary spend hours of being alone with my magazines and Hot Cocoa here. Nice, right?

But, there was a time when my boyfriend and I were so pumped up protecting Radiant from the evil army of Dire we ended up setting our very own warnet (warung internet) at the second floor of Saint Cinnamon. We had our gaming gears ready and played a few matches, not giving any care about the other consumers and their Hot Dilmah Tea. It's a good thing the cafe provide free wifi.

Saint Cinnamon & Coffee
Kota Wisata, Ruko Sentra Eropa
Jl. Transyogie, Cibubur, Bogor

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10AM - 10PM

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