Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wall's' Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

A few years back, Wall's released this Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich that went popular for months. For only Rp7.500,00 you can enjoy this luxury item that you can find in, almost, every supermarket in Indonesia. Why is it a luxury item, you asked? This is because there isn't many ice cream factory here, in Indonesia, that produce Ice Cream Sandwich. Sad, right? I even think Wall's is the first one that actually have sandwiched ice cream as one of its' wade varieties of ice cream selection. 

Indonesia is rather famous for its' sugary sorbet ice cream. Strawberry flavor, mango flavor, grape flavor, you name it. All of those sugary goodness was just good while it lasts and it immediately gave me a sore throat for, at least, four days afterwards. Delicious, but deadly. 
We don't have many option for Ice Cream Sandwich like they do in the United States. We don't have any Klondike Bar, or Blue Bunny's Triple Delights, or even the Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich. Heck, we are even missing the famous Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, for God's sake. The only choice of sandwiched ice cream that we have is from Wall's and Häagen-Dazs, and we all know, the last brand is not financially friendly for those who don't have jobs, yet. 

There was this period of time when I was so crazy about this Ice Cream Sandwich. A combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, sandwiched between soft vanilla biscuits that has printed comics on it, that costs me under ten thousand rupiah is just awesome. My boyfriend knows that I love it so much, at some points, he always brought one whenever he picked me up for a night out. 

This stuff, even though it's merely ice cream, is quite filling. It's sweet and light, but it fills your stomach for a bit, especially when you're hangry, but you're stuck in a traffic. Man, does this ice cream helps. 

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