Sunday, May 14, 2017

Detox: Day 3

I couldn't write much about what happened during day 2 because I was just trying to survive the day. I was lacking of sleep day that, since I slept at around 1 AM and woke up seven hours later, but I couldn't get myself to sleep.

I had a very long and exhausting day. Mom and I were driving around Tegal Lalang to find some furniture for my bedroom and I could feel the tingling sensation allover my body the whole time we drove out. Now, this tingling sensation is an old friend of mine. She usually comes whenever I was about to faint due to exhaustion, lack of sleep, lack of food, or simply standing for an hour straight at the field, with scorching sun, waiting for the weekly Monday Flag Ceremony to be over. Thank God I didn't faint. I brought an apple with me to munch on and it helped a bit.

Eating just apples this past three days made my tongue sore, the kind of sore that you get after eating a bucketful of pineapples. I have never experienced anything like it whenever I eat apples before, so this is a bit off for me.

My Granny Smith Apple was long gone by the middle of the day, so I switched things up with some local apples named Apel Malang. It was sour, but slightly sweeter compared to Granny Smith. It had a more crumbly texture too and the skin was less bitter. One point at night, when I was at the most hungry I have ever been through out the day, I couldn't finish my apple and put it back in the fridge thinking to myself, "Hey, maybe I'll make some apple juice for tomorrow." I'm already sick of eating apples.

And, by the grace of God, it's day three. In 24 hour, I can enjoy that yogurt and granola that my Mom bought at Coco Mart. I can munch on deep-fried salted squid that Mom made yesterday, in which I couldn't eat and had to tame myself not to go berserk and devour the whole thing in under a minute. I can go to Nalu Bowls and enjoy my bowl of J-Bay. Life is going to be awesome by the end of this detox, I can tell!

During my detox program, I have been doing nothing but having a quality time with my laptop. I wrote, I watched Riverdale, chatted with my boyfriend, made some calls to my best friend who is currently studying down under, write again, abusing my Spotify with its' Mood & Genres playlist, sleep, write again, and sleep again. It's been one hell of an unproductive weekend, but it's okay.

I'm thinking about making this detox thing a regular schedule, you know, like once every two weeks wouldn't be so bad. Don't you think?

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