Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jejak Kaki di Jepang

I'm not going to stop writing over feelings I'm having that I can't explain. As hard as it is for me to pour words onto this cyber blank sheet of paper, I'm still going to try anyway.

On this post, I'm going to share a  bit about the last time I went to Japan. It was the two of of, my Mom and I, and we stayed at Tokyo for five days. We strolled, we took pictures, we ate (a lot), we shopped for cameras at Yodobashi, we did all the fun things all duos of Mom and daughter can do.

I didn't take pictures as I usually do because, that time, I was trying to focus on my videos. You see, this YouTube channel of mine consists of travel vlogs, one of them being my Japan adventure. If you are interested, which I believe you do, just check out some of the vlogs bellow. It's simply a series of eating, and eating, and discovering the awesomeness of Japan's public toiler, and eating again. 


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