Friday, May 26, 2017


I went to Grand Metropolitan Mall, Bekasi, with Mom to buy some groceries and have dinner. I had an appetite for some Korean cuisine, so we went to Mujigae. Like usual, the staff greeted us with their signature, "Annyeong hashimnikka!" and "Annyeong haseyo!".

I ordered myself a set of Budae Jigae that costed Rp47.000,00, minus the tax, while Mom had her share of Beef Luncheon Ramyun. We also ordered a side dish that went by the name Original Korean Fried Chicken, a few pieces of boneless chicken meat bathed in a spicy and sweet red sauce. It didn't take long for our food to be served.

It was my first Budae Jigae. The Budae Jigae itself was more or less a hotpot of ramyun, or noodles, garnished with some macaroni, sausage, beef spam, leek, spicy minced meat, and egg bathe in red broth. It had this weird sweet flavor that I didn't quite fond of at first. The more I eat it, the sweetness disappear and was replaced by a spicy and sour flavor. It was okay, I guess.

After dinner, we went around the mall to shop more. Mom bought me a white shelf trolley for my printer at Informa and three pieces of beautiful clothes from Cotton On. We also shop for food and ingredients for my rendezvous with my girlfriends tomorrow. Mom is planning on making Quiche.

Oh yeah, I also bought me a lip tint from Body Shop! It has this beautiful, almost nude and neutral, dark cherry color that suits my skin color nicely. I'm not familiar with lip tints as this was my first time using it, but it was pretty handy to apply on.

And, for a second there, I thought that I managed to survive today without feeling sad or broken. But, I was wrong. The more I fake it, the more in eclipses my well being. Even painting my right hand's nails the color of mermaid's tail did nothing.

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