Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Fun Day!

I ate something delicious for brunch this morning! It's been quite challenging to find food that makes me happy nowadays. It used to be so easy back when I was all sunny, as long as its' a dessert, or ice cream related, or something new, it would always lift up my spirits. But, it hasn't been like that at all, so I was pretty excited about it. 

I am familiar with it being called Choi Pan to some people, a traditional snack from Indonesia in which is a clump of shredded yam enveloped with a very thin dough made out of rice flour. It is then bathe with an orange spicy sauce, with a hint of sweet and sour here and there, and topped with fried shallots. 

The Choi Pan vendor set up his place just across the street from my church. Among all of the snack vendors parked there this morning, I decided that I wanted to have the Choi Pan after my mid morning mass. On his motorcycle, the Choi Pan vendor placed this large aluminium container consists of the rice flour dough, the deep-fried dishes, and the bottle sauce to go with the snack. He then swiftly move his scissor across the dishes and place them on this plastic food container, garnish them well, and serve them to us, along with a plastic spoon. 

I have no idea what the deep-fried snacks official names are, but I am familiar with them being called risol, or lumpia goreng, somay, gorengan bengkoang, and aci goreng. Risol is basically your vermicelli-filled spring rolls, while somay is just the Indonesian name of your shumai, gorengan bengkoang and aci goreng are both deep-fried with one being yam and the other being rice flour. 

I had me two pieces of gorengan bengkoang, one of each from the other deep-fried snacks, and two pieces of rice flour dough, or the Choi Pan dumpling skin, and they costed only Rp21.000,00! Lord, have mercy. 

I bullshit you not, they were super tasty! If this were a parfait of Ice Cream Sundae, the orange sauce would be the chocolate fudge, while the fried shallots acted as the cherry on top. All of the deep-fried goods, even though they tasted slightly different from one another, but they were all just darn good fried stuff. And the rice flour dough, oh my, it was fantastic! Everything inside that plastic container was delicious, it made me happy I almost forgot all of the emotional burden I have been having this past weeks. 

Jajanan Asongan
Across Gereja Kristen Indonesia
Jl. Panglima Polim 1 No. 51A
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Sunday fun day! 

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