Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Good Morning, Reality

I had a good start for today. Even though I slept a bit late last night, I woke up today at six without any extra grunt and rant. Class starts at 9 and I was lucky enough that my chauffeur was able to drive me from Bekasi to M1. I put on a forgotten flannel that I had for years, it's dark blue in color and it has a rather comfy texture of fabric, and I look exceptionally well. Not girly, nor beautiful, but well.

I had me a bottle of Fresha Juicery's Hunny Bunny as we drove passed Tanjung Priok harbor. The combination of apple, carrot, and honey were super fresh and energizing, very suitable to consume to boost your mood. The carrot didn't overpower the whole flavor as the juice had a strong hint of apple in it. I assume the sweetness of the cold-pressed mana came from the honey.

For once, I finally enjoy my morning. Too bad I forgot that happiness doesn't last long. 

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