Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Baby Steps

My second day of October was fine to start with. I managed to study well during the day, finished my training, met up with my barrack mates, and have them sleeping over at my house. Nails were painted, cheeks were highlighted, the Cult of Chucky was on during the whole time we played makeup despite the fact that I just got my special-edition Critical Eleven DVD mailed, and brownies were eaten. I forgot the last time I had this ton of laugh and fun, and I enjoyed every second of it.

October may be the month where I want to work hard on living my life with more logic than emotions. For almost 23 years, I've been counting a lot on my guts, my emotions, my feelings, and my heart, and things got pretty messy. I do think some changes are needed. It may not show any significant changes but, like how my best friend always say, "Baby steps, Ket. Baby steps.".

Enjoy the little things. 

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