Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cadbury's (not) 5star

Gosh, this chocolate disappointed me in just one bite. I was excited at first because I thought that maybe this particular product will taste the same like Cadbury's Crunchie. I mean, come on, they share the same color packaging. Who wouldn't expect that, right?

It goes by the name 5star, with no extra "s" after the "r", a product by Cadbury which consisted of caramel, crisps, and cream filled milk chocolate. It doesn't have any saying about it having a golden honeycomb in the center, but still I am disappointed. The chocolate itself tasted like cheap chocolate despite it being Cadbury's. The caramel showed a significant presence compared to the other elements in the chocolate. I could taste the rice crispy, but it still has this cheap vibe coming from it. On the one hand, the chocolate cream was a big let down as it was too sweet for my liking and it had this weird crumbly texture which I do not comprehend.

I will definitely not going to buy Cadbury 5star ever again. I would rather settle for Snickers. But, hey, if you enjoy it, then indulge yourself in it. You do you. 

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