Thursday, October 5, 2017

Starbucks' Pink Yogurt Frappuccino

It's half passed nine in the evening at Kuala Lumpur and my shuttle, that will take me to AACE, will arrive approximately six hours from now. Instead of sleeping, and resting my mind after hours of studying for an upcoming simulator check, I decided to write a bit because I'm in desperate need of refreshments. 

I flew to Kuala Lumpur this morning. Got myself some Starbucks to sip as I wait for my gate to open, and I got me one of its' new line of beverage, the Pink Yogurt Frappuccino. I was actually going to get the Iced Raspberry Latte, but then I remember how I usually end up in a bad place after my regular dose of caffeine, so I settle with the non-caffeinated drink instead. 

Starbucks' Pink Yogurt Frappuccino is a yogurt based drink mixed with God-knows-what, with color that reminds me of Chanel Oberlin and texture that somewhat similar to 7-Eleven's Slushie. I definitely can acknowledge the yogurt in the beverage, but the flavor escapes me. I have no idea what flavor this is. All I know, it's sweet, it's pink, it's weird, yet I drank the hell out of this cold beverage. It was not bad for a Rp25.000,00 priced drink, but I don't think I will comeback for more. 

Btw, how do you like my pink cheetah nails? 

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