Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Lingering Thirst of Thai Milk Tea

An honest opinion regarding this new milk tea beverage from Ichitan: it's nice. Really!

Just last night, my best buddy Bernhard and I went to have a late night munchie at Kacamata Restaurant. I would say it was more of a pretty late dinner rather than a late night munchie, tho. We had a feast! Two portion of plain rice and half a portion of hainan rice, an ounce of siobak - as well as chasio - a thousand century egg, siomay, a couple of pork meatball, and some tofu skin roll. All of those and we finished them all. Can you imagine? We were pretty much as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey. 

After our feast, we headed home and made a quick pitstop at the only Indomaret that opens for 24 hours in our neighborhood. Bern dashed to the beverage section and grabbed two bottle of this nice cappuccino colored drink. "You have to try this," he said, "it's so good!". 

This newcomer from Ichitan holds the concept of a beverage from the Land of the White Elephants that, I believe, we all are familiar with. Yes, you answer correctly, it's thai milk tea! 

The drink is very milky and quite thick, compared to other bottled thai milk teas that I've tasted before. It may be a little bit too sweet, even for my liking, because I could taste the sugar kick the moment the thick brown liquid made contact with my taste buds. Those who are not fond of overly sweet drink may not favor Ichitan's Thai Milk Tea at all. Most of the time, it tasted of how a thai milk tea would taste like, but at some points it tasted like caramel. A very milky and thick caramel. I'm not a big fan of the aftertaste, which is quite sour and it leaves you with this lingering thirst that urges you to drink more. But, all in all, it's still good. 

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