Saturday, February 3, 2018

Custard-filled Taiyaki

I spontaneously went to AEON Mall, the one at Cakung, with a friend of mine who goes by the name Gavin, and we ended up strolling around the entire building while occasionally stopping by to some food places to get us some cheap munchies. This Custard-filled Taiyaki being one of it. 

Everybody knows AEON Mall for its' food market that sells lots and lots of cheap food, and I bet you're aware of it too. I mean, come on, where else can you find a piece of Salmon Nigiri (a kind of sushi where it's made of rice topped with a slice of fresh salmon) that costs only Rp6.000,00? Or a pack of rotisserie chicken that costs ten times the piece of Salmon Nigiri? Or a various range of meat on a stick that can be payed with a single magenta-colored value with a picture of Sultan mahmud Badaruddin II (yeah, I googled it because I flunked at History class back at school) on it? Even Pasar Sumber Arta doesn't provide this kind of luxury.

So, as Gavin and I were window-shopping at the food market, I happen to spot this particular stack of fish-shaped food located just adjacent to the sushi counter. My finger couldn't help but to point at that particular section, while my mouth automatically let out a rather loud, "Ih, itu Taiyaki!". Skipped my way through some people to get myself a good view of the Taiyaki and there I was at sea on which flavor of filling I should choose: red bean, chocolate, or custard.

"Lo mau rasa apa," said Gavin. I definitely wouldn't pick the red bean one because I know already how it will taste like. It was either chocolate or custard. Just before I got the chance to answer, he cut me already by saying, "Ya udah, gue yang isi custard, deh." (Damn, boy, wait for your turn to defend yourself! The court has its' order!) I immediately grabbed myself the one with the custard filling and said, "Gue rasa custard," and leave him with no choice but to choose the chocolate one. We ended up sharing each of our Taiyakis with each other, tho. 

The pancake batter was okay and rather decent. It didn't taste sour, it tasted slightly sweet, and the texture was acceptably rather crispy on the outside and not so soft on the inside. It was a bit rubbery too, but it a good way. Unfortunately, the filling of the Taiyaki was lacking. I could only bite a bit part of the Taiyaki that has the custard filling, which is on the belly part of the fish. The other parts were just plain toasted batter. The custard itself was nice and sweet, it reminds me a lot of an eclairs' filling. I tried a bite of Gavin's chocolate Taiyaki and it tasted nice as well even though it's not my favorite.

Food Market, Ground Floor
Jl. Jakarta Garden City
Cakung Timur, Bekasi 

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