Get to Know Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Kinan Luhur Wirastani and I'm the owner of this blog.

Wirastani is made as a media to express my love for food and traveling. In this particular journal of mine, you will find dozens of posts from years back about the food that I ate, the places I visited, along with some pictures and videos that will probably make you want to book a plane ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, and enjoy your weekend getaway at Khao San Road. I write in Bahasa and English, and I sometimes even like to mix both. I also have this tendency to get pretty personal, so, bare with me.

If you happen to have the needs to contact me for any food-related reasons - say that you baked a luxurious apple pie and is willing to share it with this lanky 23 year old, a.k.a. me, myself, and I - I am reachable by
phone: (+62) 813 1751 4462
LINE: wirastani

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Wirastani! Thank you for visiting, and I hope your passion for food grows bigger and bigger by the second. Now, go, eat something!

Kinan Luhur W. 


  1. keep on writing the story... i do enjoy reading it, Ket....
    let's go for some food adventure trip and eat as much as we can...hehehehehe

  2. Hi Kinan,
    Your blog is very nice and informative. I hope you don't mind I link your blog to mine!
    Nice to know you and hope someday we can meet in person as fellow food lovers :D

    1. Thank you for your kind words. That is very much appreciated, I will link yours to mine as well! Looking forward to the day that we can meet and dine together :D