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Hello, readers!

I just got back from my trip to America, home of the brave! Two destinations were visited, which were the capital of the United States and the theme park capital of the world. Can you tell? Yes, Washington D.C. and Orlando

I spent four days in Washington D.C. - entering and exiting numerous national monuments and museums, taking pictures with the gigantic Abraham Lincoln statue, witnessing Obama left the White House with a chopper which was followed by his decoy body guard, and munching on the famous cupcake brand in the 21st century: DC Cupcakes. Washington D.C. was great, there were lots of information and knowledge provided in the federal district to feed our brain with.

The things my parents and I did in Orlando, on the other hand, was having fun, fun, and fun! The city would not be named "The Theme Park Capital of the World" for nothing. It has Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Old Town, and many other theme park which I don't know existed. Orlando is, like, a pocketful of fun contained in a 110.7 square miles worthy of land. We also dined in the funkiest diner that serves the most delicious food, Waffle House!

"What is she babbling about," some of you might say. Very well, without postponing any longer, you can now proceed to scroll down, choose the desirable link that you like, and enjoy your reading material!

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