Pulau Dewata

Om Swastiastu. 

Legend told that the almighty God, Bathara Pasupati, assemble the Gods at the top of Mount Mahameru for a conference. He told the Gods to built an island, a special one that would be used to worship and honor the Gods. "The people in this island shall honor us and give us offerings," he said. The great Dragon, Anantaboga, decided that he will become the one who support the island from the bottom of the earth. Then, he transformed into a great Sea Turtle, Bedawang, and became the foundation of the island of the Gods. It is said that if the great Bedawang shift his position, there will be earthquakes and an eruption of the volcano on earth. Later on, the other Gods created the land and the sky of Bali, which is colorful and mesmerizing. And there it was, the beautiful and paradise-like island that the Gods created, Bali.

I went for a quick getaway to Bali and I couldn't help but to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature and the scrumptious cuisines. Bali has many beaches, with tourists lounging around in bikinis during midday and couples enchanted by the red sky as Twilight appears. The food in Bali are beyond succulent and flavorful. The dish you will spot the most in every corners of the streets in Bali is suckling pork. Now, just sit back and relax as I tell you my adventure in Bali, along with the palatable dishes that made me gain weight.

I hope my stories inspire you in any way to have an awesome adventure and epic culinary experiences. Now, what are you waiting for? Go pack you bags and book a ticket to Bali, and have the adventure of a life time! I'll be waiting here for you to comeback and tell me your fascinating journey in the island of the Gods. 

Kinan L. Wirastani