Sunday, May 5, 2019

Santi's Cake's Spiku Kenari

Just as I got home, there was the mail man with a big box just in front of my house. I took a quick glance and spotted the word “makanan”, which is “food” in English. I was expecting for a delivery, either today or tomorrow, and turned out my package was delivered today. “Is it for Kinan,” I asked the mail man. He nodded and handed me the big box that had stickers on it that said, “URGENT” and “FOOD. DO NOT FLIP”. I went inside the house, excitedly opened the box, and was welcomed with two boxes of Santi’s Cake Spiku Kenari, woohoo! 

Urgent delivery for Kinan!

Choose the size of your liking.

Quality check is a must!

Just how on earth shouldn't I be excited.

So, last week, the owner of Santi’s Cake, who goes by the name David, reached out to me and said that he wanted to send me his homemade Spiku. Spiku (most Indonesian are more familiar with the term Spikoe, or Lapis Surabaya) is actually derived from an Indonesian-Dutch dessert named Spekkoek. Although the two are somewhat different from one another, the basic method of baking the cake is pretty similar, which is baking stacks of layered batter. While Spekkoek, or Kue Lapis Legit, has numerous layers and consists of Indonesian spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg, Spiku has only two to three layers of cake and is made entirely of cake batter and natural food coloring, like cocoa powder. 

Mom holding the entire cake effortlessly. 

Walnuts galore!

Just a slice away and I couldn't wait any longer.

David might did some alteration to his cake by adding a dash of modernity because his Spiku Kenari has no layers. It’s just a large, yet light and fluffy, cake with a sprinkle of diced walnuts. (Now, the walnuts we have in Indonesia are much different than those walnuts you see on Tv. I may be wrong, because the two, when translated to Indonesian, are both “kacang kenari”, so I apologize in advance if I gave the wrong information. Do enlightenment on this subject!) It is very thick, but I bullshit you not about how light it was. Mom and I got to try lift one of the cakes, which was the big one, with each of our hands and we both agreed that the cake is far from heavy. I don’t think it even weights a kilo! 

Look at that cross-section!

Doesn't it reminds you of a sunflower?

Mom took the liberty of slicing the cake. She didn’t need any effort to ram the knive into the cake as it was very fluffy and moist. With one quick move, she managed to slice the cake evenly. No crumbs, no cracks, just a perfect cross-section of it, and boy was it beautiful. The brown surface of the cake hid a beautiful perfect yellow cake inside. I love how the color combination reminded me so much of a beautiful sunflower.  

It was a full house today, my aunty and my cousins were at home, so the five of use got to try a slice of the cake each. The first thing that popped in each of our heads was the same: fluffy. The cake was very fluffy and fairly moist. At first glance, I thought the cake would be dry, yet I stand corrected after my first bite. The texture reminded us of how a sponge cake should be, yet it was more moist and more dense. On the other hand, it was not as heavy, nor as solid, as a Lapis Surabaya. So, in terms of texture, it goes without saying that it ranks above sponge cake, yet below Lapis Surabaya. 

Another slice 'cause one will never be enough.

Hello, beautiful!

The sweet flavor is not sickening, although we could hint the piquant vanilla essence that dominated the whole flavor wheel. I assume no spices were used in the making of this cake because there was no significant kick of nutmeg, nor cardamom, whatsoever. Unfortunately, I’m no fan of walnut, so I did no justice in distinguishing its’ role in the cake. To me, walnuts taste bland. Period. But, I do love to have a different crunchy and chewy texture to chew on in between my cake, so it was good nonetheless. 

The color combination fulfill my aesthetic needs.

Don't you just want to have a bite of this Spiku Kenari?

The cake was probably sent all the way from Surabaya yesterday and it landed safely at Bekasi today, and the fact that it arrived safely intact and still have a good quality to it awes me. 

For those of you who live in Surabaya and Denpasar, or other cities in Indonesia, and want to get a bite of this cake, y’all can head straight to Santi’s Cake Instagram to obtain the information you needed on how to order this cake. It’s time to give modernity a shot! 

Dig in!

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